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My journey as a coach began in 2017 during a workshop. Ever since then, I have been participating to leadership and coaching training, even facilitating some.

My philosophy of coaching is to help people find their true self by thinking critically: dreaming high while keeping the feet on the ground. That also mean to blend knowledge, practice and passion in what we do.

That is why I define myself a cognitive/learning coach.
My method revolves around adult learning, emotional intelligence, and meta-cognition.

Do you feel unable to learn something? I can prove you wrong.

Do you need to boost your cognitive skills? I can show you how.

You don’t know where are you going with your career? I can assist you to make clarity.

I am just one mail away! If you did not find what you are looking for in this page, write me. I can still be of some help, or answer your questions.

If you are here…

You are planning to leave your comfort zone.

You are not alone on this path, neither the first, not the last. But let me give you some advantage over the others on your roadmap for success.

Before we get into my services, let me ask you:

What’s the real challenge for you?

Many times we think of ourselves: “I really want to learn this thing, but I don’t have talent”. Here’s how it goes: you get interested into something, you start working on something all thrilled, yet sooner or later you give up.

Most of all, we can feel stuck. Planning is easier than doing. And doing is easier than achieving. We cannot grasp a solution out of feedback. We do not see many options. Some of them appear to be out of reach.

Sometimes, we are simply lacking energy. It seems like we are unable to get at the end of our project. Too many reworks or change of directions can be disheartening.

These are just the general examples. The truth is, each of us sees, feels and thinks differently than any other.

What is Coaching for me

Coaching is a way to get back to be confident in what you do. To overcome your fear of failure by reality check. To elaborate on thoughts you did not consider enough. It is quality conversation to pull out your energy, your true self.

And of course, it is a form of learning.

Indeed, I see it as a way to learn about myself, become a better person. Coaching conversations are very useful, here and there, when we wish to master a skill; when we want to lead a change, rather than being subjected; when we seek to outperform ourselves.

With coaching, wishes can become will; ideas become actions; dreams materialize into reality.

What I offer to my clients and audience is NOT life coaching.

I prefer scientific, evidence-based approach to motivational speeches. I am a good listener and maybe I can relate to your problems. During our sessions, you are going to do most of the talk.

I am not to be considered a therapist. My coaching is a solution-oriented, thought-provoking conversational framework. I cannot help you to seek root-causes of your discomfort, but what I can do is to help you looking forward.

Acknowledge that our success through coaching is possible if actions follow to talks. If you commit to a coaching relationship with me, don’t just set a goal. You must have a purpose.

Why coaching can impact your life

There is no unique solution for everyone. That is why I do not mentor my clients.

It is difficult nowadays to find people who listen carefully and act mindfully. Everyone is ready to offer advise, but too often those are not fit for yourself.

You shall consider coaching like a moment of kindness towards yourself. To steam off, collect thoughts, do some healthy introspection and mature firm decisions.

Learning Something?

It is my specialty to help people find a way to learn new skills and knowledge, more efficiently and effectively.

Together we are going to find clarity of the purpose, define the goal, create your learning plan and progress step by step.

This is an area I can share feedback about your progresses and teach you some useful tricks upon request.

Solving a Problem?

Coaching is driven by critical thinking. We can realign focus on what matters: do what is urgent, prioritize what is important and leave the unnecessary behind.

Coaching is the best solution to brainstorm about your current situation against the desired scenario and move toward your target quicker and effectively.

Although we can go through a smooth, linear process, often it is not the case. Furthermore, each person is different and peculiar; so each stage may take a different time and number of iterations.

Why I am not a life coach

I’d rather consider myself a cognitive consultant than a life coach. My method relies on positive psychology; however I am not the type of coach that will tell you that “everything is going to be fine”, when you rather need a constructive feedback.

If you are seeking for a positive impact in your life: that is what I can give you. I will always prepare a feedback and I will ask you if you want to hear it. That may, or may not influence your doings and it is an added value to the sessions.

My values are: ethics, transparency, confidentiality, empathy, reliability.

We are going to be a good fit, if:

You are planning to be consistent.

You are seeking self-improvement, a purpose in what you do, or simply you want to do better (if not being the best).

You have lost motivation, grit, focus, and you need a hand to get out of this spiral. The emotional sphere is important as much as the cognitive.

You need a “critical friend” that can assess your thinking and help you change perspective on things.

You have a great idea, and you want to make it real (and perhaps monetize on it).

We will not work well together, if:

You like to complain about others. We can change your life and approach, not others.

You want me to teach you a specific skill: I can help you to improve your way of learning, but I am far to be a know-it-all.

Your worries come from relationships. That is an area I cannot help much with.

You do not take feedback seriously (unless this is the issue you want to talk about).

You are overly confident and uneasy to try new things. Give yourself some slack: what can sound crazy to you right now may be your best option!

What others say about me

I was kind of lost with my career setting and I found this gig different from the others. It was the stress put on learning, something I was behind last year somehow. But now I got a plan and plenty of energy to work on improving negotiation and conflict resolution to move forward in my career. Andrea demonstrates to be empathic and a good listener and this eased a lot our coaching sessions.

Lenka, Slovakia

I only had one session with him and I am pleased to say that I already have much more clarity on how to achieve my goal. I would definitely recommend him.

Davide, UK

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My current hourly rate is 35 USD.

I prefer to have a first chat with my potential customers, free of charge.

I work in the Central-European-Time (CET) zone during working days.

Exceptions over the clock and during weekends may be subject to extra charge.

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