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Learning mindfully mindlessly

Mindfulness is a great tool we can use to improve our learning moments. However it isn’t “one-size-fits-all” and can become counterproductive. Still, we can get the best from the other face of the coin: mindlessness.

The eternal fight of Data and Intuition

The rise for data-driven results is causing a major shift in defining which skills are strategic to land a job. Let’s see how the most human capabilities can still have the upper hand against technical skills.


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Hi, I am Andrea Paviglianiti, a Cognitive Coach and Blogger. I created this website to share insights and knowledge to improve learning experiences and self-development.

If you are wondering how to take out the best from the time you spend on courses and books; if you are trying to get control of the thoughts wandering your mind: this is surely the right place for you!

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