Time for a break

Since 2019, I have been studying and writing about various topics, a part of which became the heart and the mission of The Key To Think.

During the first year of activity, I spent little time writing articles usually worth 10 minutes of my followers’ time. Some of you asked me to make my blogs shorter and so easier to read. Unlike other bloggers, however, I rather prefer to write organically, to provide consistent experiences to those who stick around this website and enjoy the topics I discuss.

Meanwhile, I honed my writing in English, for I am Italian and I often write in my native language first. This recently turned the other way around, and I began adapting my articles in Italian language. In a nutshell, I spent more time translating my works than writing them.

Last year I rather published more frequently, with 3-4 articles every month. A huge leap forward compared to the one publication/month of the previous year.

My best pieces of work, of which I am very proud, are the following:

  • New Maieutic, which I published as my first book in February 2022. Recently I edited my work, which is about to be distributed in Italy through traditional publishing. In the future I will also update the English version, currently available on Amazon.
  • The Coaching Studio, a series of 9 articles that I published quarterly (more or less) starting from December 2020. Differently from other blog entries, these focus on the psychology of coaching, the factors influencing the conversational flow and the activity of the coaching practitioner. All articles are supported by academic literature. I decided to edit and collect them in the soon future in the form of another book, available at no charge.
  • Inside The Book, which is essentially reviews of my preferred non-fictional readings, in which I share what are the best takeaways in my humble opinion.
  • The Self-Coach Toolkit, which I designed especially when I opened this website for the students and young ones who have some trouble putting order in their minds, but cannot afford a coach; or need to come up with a plan all while taming their inner disorder. It now feels outdated, so I published a Short Guide To Critical Thinking as an “extensive plugin” to get the best out of it.

Alas, I am not a mastermind of marketing and I am annoyed at using social networks to promote myself, and therefore my works maybe haven’t gotten so far towards the target audience.

This is all as a side hustle which I really enjoy, but takes much of my time and does not bring home money. With some plans in mind but energy to recover, I decided to take a little step back.

In 2023 I am still completing the series of articles left open from the year before. One more “Inside The Book” is on its way, with other two short articles.

After that, I am going to take a break from research and focus on doing. It does not mean I will stop learning: far from that. Just, it will become more “learning by doing it”.

I haven’t yet figured out how to collide these two worlds of mine, two professions that would be befitting each other at some point. An example is the slow-paced idea of Coding.Mnemonics(). But the truth is, I aim for something truly innovative.

Many new ideas are boiling in the pot! But it will take some time. I also need to spend more time resting, and with my family.

That is why I came up with the “News”. I will use this space to update my readers and followers about the state of things. If and when a new series of articles will kick in. If and where I am featured somewhere else.

My homepage – and so the contents – are about to change. Stop by from time to time. And if you are willing to have a conversation, I am just a contact form away.

Sincerely Yours,

Andrea Paviglianiti


Here is a collection of my past works organized by themes, in case you have missed some.

Short Guide To Critical Thinking
(Re)introducing Journaling (with Perks)
Instrospect and Retrospect
Thinking Critically

Published by Andrea Paviglianiti

I practice coaching, I love reading, and I work as a data scientist. I also recharge my batteries with meditation, martial arts, and video games. I perform career and skills coaching – thus I define myself as a “cognitive” coach: I help people improve their learning experience to succeed where they want. My method is based on behavioral analysis, psychology of learning, philosophy of dialogue, and classic literature. I write about how to get better at learning, the best books I read, and my personal philosophy of coaching. And I will not lie to you – I can get verbose at times! I’d be happy if you stick around and read more of what I have to share!

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