The Key To Think

Do you have troubles with study or learning a skill?

Do not wait for the inspiration from heaven. DARE to change your life and live it with your best self!
Learning never exhausts the mind.
I can help you to upskill and achieve optimal learning experiences.

Coaching Experience

A 100% return investment in yourself in the form of a cutting-edge experience. Combining scientific findings with a pragmatic approach, I have thought of those who desire to enhance their cognitive skills, get past through fear of failure and fulfill life.

The Self-Coach Toolkit

Are you thrilled about an idea but you think you cannot make a plan out of it? Are you currently facing some challenge and you cannot literally do anything but freak out? Try my Self-Coach Toolkit, designed to encourage actions out of your thoughts.

New Maieutic

This books marks my debut as independent author.

It is about the philosophy of dialogue, how it shapes human relationships and our cognitive process.

It tells how we learn through structured conversation and what happens to our mind when we iterate back on thoughts.

Latest from the Blog

I write about critical thinking, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, imagination, meta-learning and introspection.

I aim to fight ignorance, by spreading a coaching culture beyond the world of business, for a more mindful and open society.

Some of the articles are actually in-depth about renowned learning techniques to improve focus, memory and learning experience.

While reading them, you may also find free, downloadable cheat-sheet to test what you have read about. Enjoy the reading!


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The Coaching Studio

Mainly addressed to aspirant and professional coaches and leaders, this series of researched blogs provide insights about coaching techniques and behaviors.

My goal is to provide a different level of insight than the standard coaching training – one that takes into account Why coaching works from a scientific point of view.

And thus, support other coaches with scientific facts and studies that validates the need for coaching mindset in our society, more than ever before.


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About the Author

Andrea Paviglianiti

I practice coaching, I love reading, and I work as a data scientist. I also recharge my batteries with meditation, martial arts, and video games.

I perform career and skills coaching – thus I define myself as a “cognitive” coach: I help people improve their learning experience to succeed where they want. My method is based on behavioral analysis, psychology of learning, philosophy of dialogue, and classic literature.

I write about how to get better at learning, the best books I read, and my personal philosophy of coaching. And I will not lie to you – I can get verbose at times!

I’d be happy if you stick around and read more of what I have to share!

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The Key To Think
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